Exporters of High Quality Wooden Kitchen Worktops from Bulgaria
Worktops in Solid Cherry, Oak, Beech and Pine wood.
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Worktops Specifications
Wood: Cherry, Oak, Beech, Pine. Uniform colour. No sapwood.
Quality grades: A/A; A/B; B/B; A/C; B/C; C/C
Dimensions: Thickness:  from 18 to 60 mm
Width:           max. 1220 mm
Length:         max. 4500 mm
Number of lamellas: Depending on worktop sizes
Lamell Width: from 22 to 100 mm (One size in worktop)
Lamell Lenght: from 250 to 650+ mm
Jointed: Finger-jointed.
Tolerance: Thickness: ±0,3 mm
Width:          +2,0 mm; -0 mm
Length:        +2,0 mm; -0 mm
Humidity: 8 ±2%
Gluing: For fingerjointing EN D3 glue
For edgegluing EN D4 glue
Face sides: No repairs, no putty, no drying-cracks
Under side: No holes
Sanding: Grian 150
Pattern: Minimum 50 mm between the fingerconnections
Drying marks: No
Oiled: by your option
Lacquered: No
Packing: Each plate can be oiled and individually packed in shrinkfoil with cornerguards.
15-25 plates/Pallet foiled and strapped. Each Pallet is marked with contents and one size per Pallet.
Capacity: 350 m3 monthly
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E-mail: spf@abv.bg
Last updated: 25.11.2003